A show exploring the intersections of personal history, passion, community, and careers of people that have brought them to this place. A new podcast from the crew behind 5518 Designs in Butte, Montana.

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Season 1 drops early January 2024

Meet the Hosts

Jon Wick

Jon is the award-winning owner and founder of 5518 Designs and Dig City Supply. A creative at heart, he spent several years as a teacher before launching 5518 Designs in 2012. Now more of a creative agency with retail stores and numerous side projects, Jon is always looking for ways to use his talent and platform to elevate and better his community. Jon was named a Distinguished Alumni of Montana Technological University in 2015 and the 2020 Montana Entrepreneur of the Year.

Kayti Korte

Kayti is the head of Marketing at 5518 Designs and a sound engineer at Morris Mountain Studios, as well as a member of the band Desperate Electric. She’s a lifelong musician who is passionate about bringing an artist’s vision to life, whether that be in the studio, or outside of it. Her background in music, marketing, and graphic design comes in handy when putting together any creative project.


Of All The Places podcast is produced by Ben Morris of Morris Mountain Studios in Walkerville, MT
Theme music by Desperate Electric

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