A show exploring the passions, creativity, & careers of how people create magic in their communities. Season 1 drops January 2024.

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Episode 1.5 Julia Crain

If we’re lucky enough, we’re able to apply our passions and skills to the places most special to us. For Julia Crain, that place is her hometown. After receiving degrees in Seattle and Portland, Julia returned home and found herself working in local government. She’s inspired and sees each day as an opportunity to use her expertise in urban planning and policy to honor her deep Butte roots and contribute to a more functional, vibrant, and exciting community. And maybe even do a few cartwheels down uptown alleys with her daughter.
Of all the places, Julia calls Butte, Montana home.

Episode 1.4 Matt Boyle

A tireless doer of all things, Matt Boyle’s business card officially lists him as the owner of Montana Booking Agency and the manager of Collective Elevation. To the broader world, he’s been promoting music and producing a mind numbingly wide array of community events for well over a decade. And if he’s not working behind to scenes, he’ll definitely be enjoying it, in the crowd right next to you.

Of all the places, Matt calls Butte, Montana home.

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Episode 1.3 Christy Hays

Christy Hays has been a professional touring songwriter forever with multiple studio albums and a unique fusion sound described as Americana rock and roll (with an occasional psychedelic flourish!). After time spent in Alaska, Nashville, and Austin, she settled in Montana and started a writers residence program called Dear Butte. She has recently been named the general manager of KBMF 102.5fm radio station in Butte.

Of all the places, Christy calls Walkerville, Montana home.

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Episode 1.2 Jon Wick

Our host is the owner and creative engine behind 5518 Designs, an award-winning apparel brand and gift store that also includes the Dig City Supply retail brand and this brand spanking new podcast under the 5518 umbrella. Don’t ask him where he gets the time, it’s a mystery to him, as well. Jon comes to us via a meandering journey starting in the Midwest. He’s an avid traveler and cancer survivor, and credits both in shaping his perspective of the world.

Of all the places, Jon and his wife Cassie call Butte, Montana home.

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Episode 1.1 Kayti Korte

We’re catching up with our co-host Kayti Korte. A lifelong musician, Kayti brings electro-soul funk and her trademark space-nuggets to our little show. She also captains the social media and marketing at 5518 Designs. With her beefcake husband Ben, our magical sound engineer, the duo forms the band Desperate Electric, bringing their juicy vibes nationwide and to your ear holes by way of our podcast’s theme music.

Of all the places, Kayti (and Ben) call Butte, Montana home.

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Meet the Hosts

Jon Wick

Jon is the award-winning owner and founder of 5518 Designs and Dig City Supply. A creative at heart, he spent several years as a teacher before launching 5518 Designs in 2012. Now more of a creative agency with retail stores and numerous side projects, Jon is always looking for ways to use his talent and platform to elevate and better his community. Jon was named a Distinguished Alumni of Montana Technological University in 2015 and the 2020 Montana Entrepreneur of the Year.

Kayti Korte

Kayti is the head of marketing at 5518 Designs and an Assistant Engineer at Morris Mountain Studios, as well as a member of the band Desperate Electric. She’s a lifelong musician who is passionate about bringing an artist’s vision to life, whether that be in the studio, or outside of it. Her background in music, marketing, and graphic design comes in handy when putting together any creative project.

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